July 2020

Album releases

Oddisee — Odd Cure

A hip-hop record where the skits are actually interesting; you get to overhear Oddisee on the phone, connecting with the important people in his life during the quarantine. The tracks are great as well, proving that Oddisee's richly organic production and intelligent flow are still top tier. Shoot Your Shot is my favorite tune on this one.

Singles & EPs

Sebastian Mullaert & Tonhalle Orchester Zürich — Moonwaker Highly recommended!

A dramatic deep house track with glitchy percussion and moody strings. I love "dance" music that sounds like this!

Emperor — Sunder

Wow, the title track here is an absolute stomper! I always enjoy Emperor's production because it sounds more detailed and unique than most tech/neuro DnB. I think Sunder and the spacy, blip-bloopier Artifice are my faves here.

New to Me

Aukai — Branches of Sun (2018)

A delightful record that melds acoustic and digital sounds together in a broad range of energy levels. At the most chill end: ambient tracks like Colorado. In the middle: the textural string-plucking & piano arpeggios on Fragmentary Blue. On top: the boisterous post-rock of Turning Days.

Kadhja Bonet — The Visitor (2016)

The Visitor could easily have been released in 2016 or 1966. The record is a perfect anachronism, indulgently sweet but also a bit mysterious, like the soundtrack to a spy flick. Kadhja's incredible voice pulls all the reference points together and makes for a delightfully mellow listen.

Antoine Berjeaut & Makaya McCraven — Moving Cities (2019)

A collab between a trumpeter/producer and a drummer/producer, it's jazzy, funky, as propulsive as you'd expect and just a little bit experimental. It never sounds fully improvisational or fully electronic. I think it's worth a close listen for jazz lovers of all types.

Subjective (Goldie & James Davidson) — Act One: Music for Inanimate Objects (2019)

Goldie has always been a trendsetter and so it's no surprise that his collab here ends up as a very interesting electronic record. A bit baroque, a bit danceable, and a bit exotic, it manages to show off some very classic breakbeat roots without sounding dated or cheesy. While the vocal tracks maybe feel the most "Goldie" to me, my favorite cuts were instrumentals: the spacious and fuzzy Silent Running and the stomping tribal futurebass of Inkolelo.