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In 2020 I made a resolution to review all the records I liked. It became a nice challenge and sharpened my thinking and writing about music, although I did fall off at the end of the year when life got crazy. Here are my reviews, month-by-month:

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Esther's website: I maintain Esther's art site to help her show off her paintings and link to her YouTube channel and Etsy store.

Playing Magic on Tabletop Simulator: Adventures in quarantine gaming! This page has setup instructions and linkable lists for my Commander decks.

Visual Mortgage Calculator: An app for visually comparing loan payoff scenarios. I'm currently re-writing this to try out Svelte and to hopefully spruce it up and fix some of the long-standing bugs.

Walkability: A simple project to help us in our house search. It helps visualize what places are near an address within various walking distances.