Mike Niebling

Hi, I’m Mike.

Most people call me a “user experience designer,” but if you asked me I’d go with “software craftsman.” My strength is in interaction design, but I like to be involved with every part of the process: user research, visual design and software engineering too. I’m probably not the best person to design a marketing site (although I can in a pinch), but app UI and data visualization are right in my wheelhouse.

My wife Esther and I own a condo in lovely Uptown, Chicago – one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. We love the city; we met here as friends, dated here, got married here (at Revolution Brewing, no less!) and we can’t imagine moving away.

I have a lot of hobbies that tend to cycle through the forefront of my attention. It’s good because I love to be learning new things, but also challenging because I probably won’t end up mastering any of them. Right now, I’m focused on stocking the bar and learning about craft cocktails, partner dancing with my wife (we do Latin, ballroom & tango at Sway on the west side), cooking, learning Spanish, DJing and running.

Here’s a picture! This is Esther and me practicing our wedding dance:

Mike and Esther